Kino MacGregor launches Ashtanga Yoga Third Series DVD

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It will be interesting to see how this one does, because it just seems that the market of people who want to do the Third (Advanced A) Series of Ashtanga Yoga is not so big. I don’t know that many people would pay to see Richard Freeman teach the Third Series, but perhaps Kino is different.

In any case, she has just published her Ashtanga Yoga: Third Series with Kino MacGregor DVD, available right now from

As you can see, Kino is not shying away from her short shorts ($56!) or skimpy top. Apparently, her attire and strong little body make her the subject of some shala-snarking. Searching on her name for this piece, I found this slightly odd defense of Kino and her bare legs:

I’m pretty sure Guruji didn’t mean for this theory to include your analysis on someone else’s short shorts. But if we must talk about short shorts, I have a few things to say about this. Kino has at least three reasons to wear the hot little shorts that she wears. So here we go: Un, deux, trois; Ekam Dwi, Trini; Insert your favourite language, (knowing that Sanskrit is definitely the superior choice):
1. Miami is hot.
2. Kino’s legs are hot
3. It is much harder to perform arm balances when you’re wearing shorts and your legs are all sweaty.

I’m surprised to read that there’s criticism of Kino’s YouTube channel, as well, because the videos really are great: clear, instructive, beautifully demonstrated, broken down into building-block modifications, etc. Kino truly understands social media marketing through YouTube, twitter, FB, podcasts, and blogging.

I am relieved to understand, however, that The Yoga Girls of Miami is an idea that is not happening…

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  1. Erica Schmidt February 2, 2012 at 2:51 pm · Reply

    Hi Richard!
    I appreciate the reference. My article was eventually published on Recoveringyogi and Elephant Journal. The clever folks at Recovering Yogi came up with the term “Kinogate.” ( It’s true that the shorts are a little expensive. But if you’re a teacher, you can apply for a discount. 😉

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